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A young zebra captured when I was returning back to visit Mara again.


Here is an image i took whilst on safari in the maasai mara park.

Go Sober for October

As suggested in the name, I am going cold turkey on the drink and putting my effort into fundraising for Macmillan, a charity fighting the battle against Cancer! Please join and raise money or if you like the whiskey a bit too much, donate for me at the link below and ill do it for the both of us!


Thanks in advance 😀


Fashion Photography

A shoes and accessories image.
Taken by myself of course.

Macro photograph of an eye.


Taking an interest in infrared photography

As many of you might know, I play a little bit of guitar. Getting towards my A2 exams like all things in my life we are expected to prioritize. For all those out there whose friendships may have had it tough the last few weeks, whether you are sitting exams or just going through a rough patch. Just another light-hearted tune to lift your spirits and remind you that there is always someone there for you…whether it’s your parents or your best friend… stay strong. The rain has to fall before the sun can shine.


Garden days


Beautiful colours 🙂

The Bold Lock

An odd image. I’m not sure what i think of it to be honest. Maybe you can tell me 🙂 It was captured in infrared when walking my dogs today but experimented with extremely on photoshop.


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